About Us

The National Manual Osteopathic Society is located in central Alberta to serve manual osteopathic therapists across Canada. Because Manual Osteopathic therapy is under-represented nationwide, we have been established to provide services and recognition to our manual osteopathic members. We are a voluntary, not for profit association.

Philosophy of Practice

The musculoskeletal system is intimately connected with all other systems of the body, and is a mirror of both health and disease.

Body structure and function are intimately related. Any abnormality in the structure or function of a body part may lead to disorder and disease in another.

The body has the inherent ability to defend and repair itself. When normal adaptability is disrupted, or when environmental changes overcome the body’s capacity for self-maintenance, disorder or disease may result.

Rational treatment is based on the preceding principles.

NMOS Mission

“We are dedicated to the art and practice of manual osteopathic therapy and to the recognition and support of our fellow manual osteopathic therapists.”

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